the color QUEEN

1st ANNUAL. Color-a-Cause. the color QUEEN



Join us for an explosion of color where Photography meets Art, as The Color Queen

honors Miami’s most influential Women


(March 2012, Miami, FL) The Color Queen, Joey Mugica, is proud to announce the first ever COLOR A CAUSE, on Thursday, April 19. This epic event will take place at Pearl Restaurant and Champagne Lounge, located at 1 Ocean Drive, from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. The originally inspired images will feature and honor some of Miami’s most dynamic and renowned women, including successful philanthropists, businesswomen, journalists, socialites, reality stars, artists, designers and entertainers. COLOR A CAUSEwill benefit Dress for Success Miami, which provides professional attire for economically disadvantaged men and women.


Pop-artist-slash-artographer Joey Mugica, best known, as The Color Queen, doesn’t look at things in black and white. Inspired by all the photos posted on Facebook, Mugica started infusing his own personality into his influential friends’ pictures, eventually making a name—and an image—for himself in the burgeoning Miami art world. Influenced by Warhol, Rauschenberg and David La Chapelle, the colorful Mugica says he is inspired by love. “The idea of transforming a photograph in living color reminds me that it’s never too late to start over,” he exclaims. The New Jersey native isn’t afraid of making a statement, clearly.  “I ventured out to COLOR A CAUSE in honor of my best friend, my mom,” says The Color Queen. “Women, like my mom, inspire me everyday. They are the embodiment of love, power, strength and beauty.  This what I want to portray with my first Color A Cause exhibit, that through color, I want to highlight the beautiful attributes that each of these women have and hope that we each find the beauty which lies within us all.”


Mugica partnered with Yobe Photography on this first edition. “I am thrilled to be partnering with The Color Queen on Color A Cause,” says Yobe.  “I have admired Joey’s work for a very long time and truly believe that he is an incredible artist.” Yobe, of Yobe Photography, is best known as a wedding photojournalist and executive entertainment industry still photographer. His artistic work often depicts surreal colors found within organic objects while using floral-macro photography. Yobe’s individual technique makes an interesting blend with Mugica’s vibrant artwork, which owns color.


For the past month, during private sessions, the artistic duo worked hard to prepare for Color A Cause by capturing each of the ladies’ portraits while enhancing the photographs primarily with Mugica’s unique style. The photos will be debuted on the evening of April 19.


The evening’s honorees include:

Frances De Polanco, Elaine Lancaster, Shireen Sandoval, Sandi Powers, Lisa Pliner, Hope Gainer, Jeniya Penrod, Karent Sierra, Erin Michelle Newberg, Simi Dahl, Daisy Olivera, Erin Mia Milchman, Kimberlee Etheridge, Zurami Pascual, Lucrecia Beird, Sherie Wagner, Samantha Perez, Mary Ann Williamson, Cecilia Paz, Teri Rios, Jennifer Heegaard, Charlotte Libov, Paola Ekelund, Bibi Andrade, Giana Leyva, Christina Hampton, Jane Jei, Doll Mirita, Sonia Jacobson, Lauren Foster, Liza Santana-Pineres, Charlotte Ryland, Kelly Mitchell, Glenna Golden Millberg, Roxanne Vargas, Lourdes Valls, Kimberlee Bacardi, Donna Anderson Scharer and Ana Margarita Martinez.



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