the color QUEEN

Digital Photographic Art by the color QUEEN

Posted on: October 12, 2010

Own your very own piece of original art by the color QUEEN.  We are now accepting commissions on existing designs  within the color QUEEN gallery  or custom orders on original photographs of your very own.  

a colorful, color QUEEN'd, photographic transformation of LADY GAGA. This design is available on a limited edition basis.

Fusing ART and PHOTOGRAPHY, your images are transformed into spell-binding, colorful and completely original works to be treasured for a lifetime.   Colorfully immortalize on canvass a lover, a sister a friend or even a beloved pet.  Designs are custom tailored to suit your needs.  All images are printed on high-gloss, premium paper, mounted, matted, signed and delivered.  Dimensions start at 14″ x 17″.   The color QUEEN uses a very unique art form combining various multi-media and manual techniques.  For price, inquiries or any additional information, email:


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  • thecolorqueen: gracias xxoxoxox
  • Alex Snowboarder: Querido Color Queen: Somos amigos hace un tiempo en Facebook y no estoy seguro como es que nos conocemos pero para el caso no importa, me gusta tu
  • thecolorqueen: thank you sweetie xoxoxoxoxooxoxo -----i can't wait to c u also papo, it's been a while.


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