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‘Banana Republic’…..More Miami reality!

Posted on: October 11, 2010

Miami’s is BUZZING!  It seems another dose of ‘REALITY’ looms on the horizon for the magic city!  Executive Producer Marivi Rodriguez and Irreplaceable Group are in the pre-production phase of a brand new  series.    The new show, tentatively titled ‘Banana Republic’, will offer an ecletic cast and a premise that goes beyond just the glitz, glamour, high-life and beautiful people of Miami.   Producers tell me the show will have a unique and fresh format, offering more audience engagement and somewhat of a fusion where ‘REALITY’ meets ‘SOAP’.   Says Marivi Rodriguez, “our show is a never before seen concept in American television”.  Details are sketchy, but be sure to stay tuned!   Priority auditions for facebook members of the program’s page were just concluded yesterday.  However, open casting dates will be announced very soon!   All walks of life, all demographics, all ages and all sexes are welcome to audition.

For more information email Irreplaceable Group at:

or join their facebook page at!/group.php?gid=142994475734109


PRESS RELEASE (10/14):  The show has been re-named from the Banana Republic to the MIAMI REPUBLIC due to legal issues with the retail chain.


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